Company Profile

AmTex Machine Products was formed in 1989 as it bought the assets of the Coupling Division of Texas Pipe Threaders (TPT). In turn, Texas Pipe Threaders was owned by Tubular Products of Texas (TPOT). The Coupling division was generating about $1.3 million in sales, a very small portion of its parent companies business. At a time of considerable industry overcapacity, its relationship with TPT and TPOT was a disadvantage because they were competitors to many potential customers. Therefore, AmTex was then freed from its competitive stigma and was able to focus on being a successful coupling manufacturer.

Through its current ownership from 1996 AmTex has grown to be one of the largest independent coupling manufacturers globally. The Canadian facility was opened in 2005 in Nisku, near Edmonton AB to better serve the Canadian Market. AmTex continually takes its brand seriously as expressed through their uncompromising quality, rapid turnaround and superior delivery service. 

Although about 90% of its shipments and billings are domestic (North American), management estimates that 30% of AmTex's output is bound for foreign markets.

AmTex has been and always will be a quality minded company. The company will not under any circumstances sacrifice quality.

Our success can be attributed to the following:


5CT-0257, 5L-0298


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