The Product

Couplings are lengths of mechanical tubing from approximately six inches to one foot long with female threads at each end. Thirty to forty foot lengths of tubing (pipe) are received from mills and are sawed and threaded by AmTex in accordance with the latest API Specifications 5CT and 5L. Couplings are used to connect casing and tubing down-hole in oil and gas wells. In general, the joints of casing and tubing pipe are not connected to each other, but, for reasons of connective strength, are connected to couplings, which are in turn screwed to the next length of casing or tubing. Casing and tubing are permanent fixtures in a well. The casing is larger and is cemented into the hole. The tubing is suspended inside the casing. Typically, the oil, gas or oil/gas mixture travels through the tubing to the wellhead assembly at the surface.

Couplings are a very small percentage of the price of a string of pipe. However, frequently they are purchased on a very fast turnaround so the customer may ship an order of pipe to its customer. The end user is the oil company.

Couplings must meet API Specifications 5CT and 5L, and often the coupling manufacturer must be approved by the oil company for whom the product is destined. Accordingly, coupling manufacturers frequently undergo quality audits by the operators as well as periodic audits from the American Petroleum Institute, (API).



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